the Mexican Bulldog

Last night I had a Mexican Bulldog, a drink that I’d never even heard of before. The description said “a Frozen Margarita and a 7oz Coronita.” Which sounded great, given the obscene temperature outside and by abiding love or ordering two drinks at once.

Here’s where the magic happened. The Mexican Bulldog isn’t a Coronita AND a frozen margarita, it’s a Coronita IN a frozen margarita. Upended right into the glass, secured by a sort of tiny plastic cantilever. In other words: It’s a shandy.

And boy is it delicious and refreshing. The beer cuts the sweetness of the frozen margarita perfectly, and it’s incredibly fun to drink. A Slurpee for grown-ups.

I’ll experiment with making something similar at home, sans icy-machine. In the meantime, the Mexican Bulldog seems to be featured at some of the bigger chain restaurants. Who knew? So the next time you’re unlucky enough to find yourself at a Chevy’s, order a couple of these to take the edge of those lackluster enchiladas. Just watch out for the brain freeze.


21. July 2013 by sdfagan
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In the summer of 2012 I went to Jamaica with my fiancé. We bought a LivingSocial deal good for five nights in a beach-front cottage, cobbled together some airfare, and headed to the Caribbean. Thirty minutes outside Negril, the property was just a dozen little cabins and an open air bar/restaurant. Not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on captive-market vacation booze, we smuggled in a case of Red Stripe and a bottle of rum.

After a couple days of beers and rum on the rocks, with some bar-bought cocktails scattered around to allay the staff’s suspicion, we were craving some variety. This was a case where a lifetime of drinking and carousing comes in handy. From somewhere in the recesses of my brain came a beautiful thought: Shandy.

A little quick background. The shandy, short for shandygaff (really), is generally defined as beer diluted with a non-alcoholic beverage. The usual non-beer suspects are lemonade or ginger beer. It’s invention is attributed to the Germans (who call it a radler) or the British (certainly no strangers to drinking innovation). Whatever the history, which I will explore at another time, the shandy is kind of magical.

Back to Jamaica: Beer plus soda equals a perfect vacation concoction. It’s refreshing. It’s relatively cheap. And you can drink it all afternoon and not be hammered at sunset. I fell in love with the Shandy that week, and I’m gonna spend some time here experimenting with and celebrating this Frankenstein beverage. I’ll start with the recipes we developed in Jamaica—the Little Bay and the Dark & Shandy—and branch out from there.

Remember: Drink responsibly. And often.

10. July 2013 by sdfagan
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